Trust part dva

They say you can't have love without trust and vice versa. How you can ever believe someone really loves you if they constantly have trust issues with you? I don't know if I lack trust in him, or in myself. I don't know if I don't trust in my love for him, or his love for me. Yesterday was awful, a huge fight. I thought it was the end. This time for real. 

He gives me another chance though, but this time it is different. This time it is all me. All my turn to change. To trust, just in love. In the love we made together. It is more precious than even a child, creating love with another person. 

I think sometimes your head gets in the way of your heart. I know probably a lot of people will say differently. That your heart will mess you up. For me it is always different, I stop listening to my heart and I get too much in my head. You ever hear "you think too much". That is me, perfect description. I try to disect things like love and affection. And there is no science to love. It just happens. And you never know when or how it will happen. It just does. I have always just been the person that looks for a pattern, a reason. And that logic doesn't work with love. 

So I have to push insecurity and doubt to the side, stop damn thinking. 

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  1. RRoe

    There may not be a science to love, but there is a science to communications and getting along with each other. First, we have to recognize we are triggered by our past. To not do so, is to keep repeating past patterns of thought and behavior that are destructive. Some key warning signs is when someone uses phrases like “you always”, “whenever you do this it makes me”, “you never”, etc. Absolute statements in an argument, and the fact that it is a repeating argument, indicates that issues from your past, still unresolved, are popping up again. You can even feel it in your body when it happens. Fear pops up in your stomach, shoulders and neck indicate some underlying stress, etc.

    And as partners you have to talk it through, say your thoughts and especially your fears out loud. Maybe after an argument, not during one? You have to recognize your partner is triggered, that you are triggered and not take what follows as personally. My wife and I have studied Action and Commitment Therapy which as done wonders for us first dealing with our own “shit” and then with each other’s shit. It has done incredible things for our relationship.

    Thinking is not your problem, my friend.

    February 09, 2016
  2. briannamcphee

    This is true that love is impossible without trust. Because, every good and long-lasting dissertation writing services uk relationship is based on trust and respect. If you cannot give these things to your partner then it means you cannot love her or him.

    May 03, 2017