The last time

Do you ever think of when it is the last time you will tell someone you love them? The last time you hear their voice say it back. The last time you feel like your whole self because they love you. I think about it all the time. 

When you go, when will I be able to breath without hurting? When will I wake without tears on my pillow? When will I laugh and it not feel forced? When will I go a minute without thinking of how I had you, and it was perfect for just a short time ago? I miss you already and you aren't even gone. I want to start again. Feel every laugh, every tear, every moment I fell in love with you over and over again. 

I am so homesick for you, cause where you are is my home. Now I have my whole life wishing I was home, but never being there. You are it for me. I know this. God knows it. I hope you know it too. Iloveyou>3.

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