My moon

I put off talking to you, pretending everything is fine. The days are going by so fast. I still don't know when to let you go. When do I say the words, the words that end us? So many places I go to, lingering over spots where we fell in love. Trying to get every memory of us, keeping them, because soon it will be all I have. You are magic in my life. I know I will never have this kind of magic again. How can you know how much I love you, I will always love you? I hope one day you read these things, and you know that it was real, and I loved you as much as anyone could, probably more. Maybe you will even still love me a little. 

Will I ever see you again? Talk to you? Ever smell you, feeling the heat of your body against mine? I know the answer is probably no. How can I let go of my heart? My smile? My air? The pain is killing me and yet the time flies, laughing at me. How fast the hours together go. And how long the hours without you. How can I survive a lifetime of those hours? The stress of knowing it is almost time to let you go is killing me. I feel ill, I can't eat, everything hurts. My mental and emotional pain is turning physical. 

Tonight, like all nights when it is not cloudy, I look for the moon. Since the beginning of us, I always thought of you like the moon. In the dark of my life you came, and gave me hope for the next day, luminating my whole life. Even making the stars seem brighter. I will miss you so damn much. I hope you will miss me just a bit. Moj lubi, moj svet, moj vse>3333


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