A week now

So after a huge amount of fighting for the past month or so, my bf and I have reached a plateau of sorts. We actually have gone a week without fighting. I must say I am so relieved. I still have the nagging thoughts in the back of my head, but they are easy to push away. This week has been really lovely, I feel relaxed and less stressed than I have all of last month. 

Sometimes I think when things are going perfect, I sabotage it by trying to find problems where there are not any. I mean nothing is perfect, but it is our kind of perfect. Maybe we needed this time of fighting to reach this calm time together. I hated having doubts, when there was no cause for it. Maybe it is just insecurity in myself. Insecurity that he stays or that I am loveable. I have no clue. 

Anywho, I feel awesome, happy, ready to resume studying. My motivation is back for that and working out. I was such in a slump I barely could eat. I had no energy. It was all focused on being mad or hurt over nothing. So hopefully I can get it together and learn this damn hard language. Again if anyone knows any tips to learning languages, I would appreciate it. 

Goodnight and have a great evening! 

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